Horticulture Irrigation

Lawrence De Gruchy (Irrigation) Ltd can offer the Horticultural Industries a complete irrigation and water storage solution, from consulting, design, product supply and support to installation, project management and servicing.

Nursery & Glasshouse Irrigation

Lawrence De Gruchy offer a high standard of products sourced from major worldwide manufacturers giving our customers modern, efficient and environmentally friendly irrigation.

• Water storage from galvanized steel tanks to plastic one piece molded units to lined reservoirs.
• A full range of pumping and filtration solutions, complete with controls.
• Automated irrigation controllers from multi wire to two wire systems, weather, rain or light sensors.
• Distributing water in pipe work and fittings supplied in PVC, MDPE, LDPE or Galvanized.
• Sprinkler pipe work in PVC with holes pre-drilled, ideal for overhead watering solutions with hole size and spacing options available.        Also MDPE & LDPE piping with fittings for sprinklers that offer different sprinkling positions in difficult areas.
• Solenoid valves with a range of thread sizes and coils.
• High efficient sprinklers for covered and outside areas with a large range of droplet sizes, uniformity, distances and precipitation rates to   achieve even distribution.
• Drip irrigation systems tailored to individual requirements either supplied pre-assemble or individual units we can offer a comprehensive range and solutions
• A range of Mist & Fog Propagation Systems.
• We can also offer a water source option from boreholes to rainwater harvesting system.